The history of the Connors Family is the history of a midwestern American family. Our ancestors came here from different countries and cultures. All were searching for a better life. They found hardship and joy, sorrow and comfort, toil and peace. I don't think any of them regretted coming here. One thing they all brought with them was their Catholic faith. Theirs was a faith that moved mountains and put Saints to shame. It comforted them in their sorrow and gave them the strength to endure. This site is a tribute to them. They weren't famous but they are the builders of America.

It is my intention to use this site to disseminate any information I obtain concerning the history of the Connors Family. I have expanded this site considerably since I started in early 2000. I have a great deal more information than this and will continue to add to what is here as I have an opportunity. I also intend to update this site with any new or corrected information. I hope that those who read this will offer any information they might have so that this site can be expanded. We know a lot about our ancestors, but there is still a lot to learn.

I hope to add more than simply a listing of names and dates (though a lot of those, too). I hope to add background information as I discover it. For example, I have included information about the battles Michael Hansen Sr. fought in when he was a Napoleonic soldier. The result of my very first attempt at finding such background material is what inspired me to start this site. You can find the story at Fort Snelling During the Winter of 1851-1852: Myth and Reality.

The site's title, "Their Story Runneth Thus" is a quote from a letter by Clara Hillman Houlihan outlining the history of the Beatons, Brehanys, and Leaders in America.

I am organizing this information by surnames. For surnames about which I have a lot of information, I will set up separate sections. For surnames where there are only a few individuals, they can be found in the section of the surname to which they are connected. For example, all of my information on the Molitors (Michael Hansen Sr. married Maria Anna Molitor) will be found (eventually) in the Hansen section. The most recent addition is a Site Map to help navigate around the site.

Currently, there is very little of the geneological information that I possess on this site, just enough to identify how the various branches of our family fit together. That will change over the coming months.

The major surnames for which I have information are: Connors, Leader , Beaton, Hansen , Robert.

Harry E. Connors III
February, 2003

Please e-mail me with any additions, corrections, and comments

This site created by Harry Connors III.

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